The team at Chigign 'Tobiya is on an extensive search across the country to discover the next successful Ethiopian entrepreneurs. People who are selected to appear on the show will achieve nationwide recognition which will help position them as market leaders. 

Whether you are at an idea phase or are already operating a successfully business and looking to expand, we encourage you to apply. Use this pitch template and practice, practice, practice.  If you appear on Chigign 'Tobiya you may have a chance to win cash, coaching, contracts or connection from local and international investors. 

Your idea must be extraordinary and you must practice your pitch to prepare yourself. Apply now for your chance to appear on Chigign 'Tobiya and see if your idea is good enough to receive the attention of local and international investors.

There are two ways to apply:

1. Fill in the below application form.

2. Attend an open call. Coming soon, Chigign 'Tobiya team members will be available in Addis Ababa and cities throughout Ethiopia to see you practice your pitch with the chance to appear on a future show. 

*N.B : please use the first option and fill the form below for now.

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