Thank you for your interest in Chigign ‘Tobiya (Ethiopia Emerging), a reality TV show bringing attention to Ethiopian entrepreneurs who are innovating related to IT, the arts, education and general business. The show aims to encourage youth and the society at large about the importance of entrepreneurship and the private sector in general in Ethiopia.

Our Servcise

TV shows

We have reality TV programs ; CHIGIGN TOBIYA and THE PRODUCER to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the fourth generation digital revolution, education and the arts.


We organize entertaining events to create positive and productive attitude among the society.

Easy access

We facilitate easy access for books, smartphones, laptops, other equipment and capital.

Educational Support

We work to enhance the quality of the formal education and we equip the students with knowledge and skills that are not provided in the formal educational system.


We facilitate contract and agreements.


We facilitate coaching and mentorship.


We facilitate connection to local and international markets.


We facilitate access capital.

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Chigign Tobiya