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Chigign ‘Tobiya (Chigign mean sapling/sprout and ‘Tobiya is an old name for Ethiopia)

Background: Ethiopia is among the ancient civilizations in the world. Its people have historically been innovators credited with erecting the monolithic obelisks of Axum, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, invented their own language, developing their own alphabets and courageous enough to be the only African nation who has never been colonized. That gene of innovation is still present in the young Ethiopian entrepreneurs today. Young Ethiopians, who are the descendants of the great miracle doers, can write a new chapter to history and can accomplish miracles, like their forefathers, if the right catalyst is added to mix of modern Ethiopia. The purpose of Chigign ‘Tobiya is to create a platform and use the reality TV show format as a catalyst to help rewrite Ethiopia’s current reputation as a symbol of immigration, war and drought to one of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Key Team Members:
Girmay Haile G/selassie (MSC, BA) is the visionary of Chigign ‘Tobiya. He has written and directed two movies, three plays and has a solid career in IT (more than 10 years) and he is business leadership and management trainer in an excellence academy. The program is produced by his company Tonetor Multimedia and Advertisement (Tonetor Film Production).

Yidnekachew Lemma is a cinematographer for many local TV dramas and productions and has worked as correspondent journalist and camera man for Associated Press, Aljazeera TV (Qatar), Press TV (IRAN), CCTV China (CCTV Africa)

Desta Fitsum (Ph.D. in progress) has worked as CEO of the Nefas Silk Lafto sub-city and director of the Addis Ababa Micro and Small Enterprises Office.

The Concept: Chigign ‘Tobiya will be a platform for the entrepreneurs to gain access to capital, mentorship and networking support, to help local angel investors see other investment options and to acquaint the viewers with technology enabling simpler lifestyles. In addition, the platform aims to increase creative and financial inclination/literacy of students.

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